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Audio / Video Financing

CHARABANC's audio and video financing is fast, affordable and reputable. Our streamlined process can approve your truck financing request of up to $250,000 within a few hours. We can fund from scanned documents, so the whole process can take less than a day!

CHARABANC finances converters, professional audio equipment, switches, software, and more. Simply complete our credit application; it’s easy!

Use CHARABANC Financial Services for:

New and used equipment

90-day deferred payment option at most credit levels

Seasonal Payments; skip up to 3 consecutive payments per year

100% financing

Application up to $250,000

Municipal leasing options

Wide Credit Window (A+ to C)

Underwrite start-ups with good credit

We finance converters, professional audio equipment, switches, and more!

Contact us if your business needs financing for any of this equipment or more:



Video Monitoring

Recording Equipment


Music Systems

Post-Production Editing

Video Conference Systems

Wireless System Packages

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